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Chad Joseph Hotler Mugshot

Date:02/05/2023 03:48
Height: 6ft. 1in.
Weight: 185 lbs.
Charge(s): 1 Count Of 31-5-233(b)(iii)(a) (2)- Dui: Alcohol - Incapable Of Safely Driving - 2nd Off W [misdemeanor]

1 Count Of 31-7-134(c)- Drive While Lic Suspended - 2nd Offense [misdemeanor]

1 Count Of 31-5-209(a)(i)- Drive Veh W/i Single Lane [misdemeanor]

1 Count Of 31-4-103(b)- Fail To Provide Proof Of Liability Insur [misdemeanor]

Other Arrests:
  CHAD HOTLER Arrest Mugshot Park 02/05/2023