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Date: 7/3/2022
Charge(s): Charge: 61-8-1002(1)[1st] - Driving Under Influence Of Alcohol And/or Drugs - 1st Offense

Charge: 61-3-301(1)(a) - Operate A Vehicle Which Has Not Been Properly Registered - Uvcv8121

Charge: 61-8-303(1)(b)[1] - 11-20 Mph Over Limit

Charge: 61-6-302(2)[1st] - Fail To Carry Proof Or Exhibit/insurance In Vehicle Owner Or Operator - 1st Offense - Uvcv9019

Charge: 45-9-102(3) - Criminal Possession Of Dangerous Drugs Not Otherwise Provided For In 45-9-102(1) Or 45-9-102(2)

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