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Marcus Wayne Leith Mugshot
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Date: 1/29/2014
Charge(s): State 609-52-2-17 Veh-more Then 2500-fe-theft-const-farm-garden

State 171-24-2 Driving After Revocation

State 609-2231-1 Aslt 4-fe-inflt Bodily Harm-no Weapon-police

State 609-50 Crim Agnst Admn Just-gm-obst Legal Process

State 609-223-1 Aslt 3-fe-substantial Injury-no Wpn-police

State 609-224-1-2 Aslt 5-inflicts Attempts Hrm-no Weap-unk Relat

State 609-49-1 Esc-fe-failure To Appear

State 609-49 Esc-gm-failure To Appear

State 609-49 Esc-ms-failure To Appear

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