account_boxDeborah Barnes Andrade

Deborah Barnes Andrade Mugshot
Date: 02/27/2020
Height: 506
Weight: 200
Charge(s): Statute: 843.15(1)(b) Description: Fta - Failure Of Defendant On Bail To Appear / Charged With A Misdemeanor

Statute: 316.193(3)(c)(1) Description: Dui - Causes Damage To Person Or Property

Statute: 893.13(6)(b) Description: Possess Not More Than 20 Grams Of Marijuana

Statute: 316.193(1)(a) Description: Dui - Under Influence Of Alcohol Or Chemical Substance; Faculties Impaired

Statute: 893.147(1) Description: Use, Or Possess With Intent To Use, Drug Paraphernalia

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