account_boxBrandon Bierhaus

Brandon  Bierhaus Mugshot

AGE/DOB: 03/15/1982
Charge(s): 16-2-110 Failure To Appear - Misdemeanor

42-4-1409(3) Failure To Display Proof Of Insurance

42-2-101(1) Driver`s License - Driving W/out

42-4-1301(1)(a) Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol

16-19-103 Fugitive Of Justice

18-18-403.5(2bi) Unlaw Poss 2gm Or Less Methamphetamine

18-18-403.5(1),(2)(a) Possession Of A Controlled Substance

18-4-409(4) 3rd Degree Motor Vehicle Theft

42-4-1402(1)(2)(a) Careless Driving

18-6-401(1)(7)(a)(v) Child Abuse Knowingly And Recklessly

18-3-204(1)(a) Assault In The Third Degree

18-4-409(3)(a) 2nd Deg Motor Vehicle Theft

Other Arrests:
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