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Date: 01/20/2022 01:38
Height: 5ft. 9in.
Weight: 190 lbs.
Charge(s): 1 Count Of 28-1381.a.1- Dui: Slightest Degree [misdemeanor] Bail: $0

1 Count Of 28-1381.a.2- Dui: Bac Greater Than 0.08 [misdemeanor] Bail: $0

1 Count Of 28-1381.a.4- Dui: Commerc W/bac .04 Or More [misdemeanor] Bail: $0

1 Count Of 28-1382.a.1- Extreme Dui: Bac 0.15/-0.20 [misdemeanor] Bail: $0

1 Count Of 28-1382.a.2- Extreme Dui: Bac 0.20 [misdemeanor] Bail: $0

1 Count Of 28-662.a.1- Leave Accident-damage Attend Vehicle [misdemeanor] Bail: $0

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